Want to ride faster? Read on… I will be teaching the Kick My A…nerobic Threshold (KMA) indoor cycling class for those athletes that want to reach another level of fitness. 

I will be taking you through a 10 week progressive program that will have you ready to ride for the 2019 season. All types of cyclists will benefit from this program.  Workouts are designed to challenge the strongest of cyclists but adjustments are made for the 1st timer or beginner cyclist. You’ll be working at an intensity that you can handle…no one gets dropped on this group ride!  This IS NOT your local gym spin class, pedal to the music type training. ( I do play music but it's only so I don't have to hear the crying!)

You will learn about nutrition, strength programs, heart rate monitoring, cadence, and mental toughness.  On the bike progressive workouts will consist of power testing, aerobic work, tempo rides, strength building, climbing, interval work, time trialing, power developmental, anaerobic threshold training  and drills to improve your cadence and pedaling technique.  We will be using an innovative strength/power and flexibility program using Flexbands.  For more information on Flexbands go to www.resistancebandtraining.com 

TWO DAY A WEEK: Tuesday and Thursday, from 6:30-8:15 p.m. Cost  $290.00.  We also have a morning class that meets each tues and thurs from 8 am to 9:30 am.

ONE DAY A WEEK OPTION: You may come either day morning or night. $150.00

This year class will be held at 710 7 hiway Blue Springs MO.  The facility is right behind the strip mall on 7 hiway. Space is limited so 60 spots so get your spot reserved early.  Classes will start at 6:30 p.m. (AOB) and last approximately 1hr and 45 minutes.  All participants must have a trainer (fluid trainers are the best) magnetic trainers are ok if you get one made in the last couple years, heart rate monitor, cadence mode on your computer and a METAL SKEWER on the back wheel to prevent your bike from falling out of the trainer.  We are going to do this the "right way” thus the equipment requirements.  You will get a discount on trainers (that aren't already on sale) and  heart rate monitors at the Bike Stop.

Our goal is to get you stronger both mentally and physically on the bike. Whether you are a competitive cyclist or just want to get in the best shape of your life I promise KMA will make you faster, stronger, and you will have more endurance!  I hope to see you for some fun at this one of kind class in the area.

To sign up drop  Blue Springs or Lee’s Summit Bike Stop, Paypal, paypal.me/coachgoodpain , or send your sign up form and money to Greg Goodman at 2405 Richwood Circle BS, Mo. 64015.   If you have any questions concerning the class or what to do to prepare for class prior to the January starting date feel free to contact me at 816-699-8918 or gggoodman@comcast.net


Greg Goodman, a retired Physical Education instructor will lead you in this advanced conditioning class for cyclists which incorporate the latest advances in training techniques. He has a Master's Degree in Exercise Sports and Science, is a former CMSU basketball player, 5-time Ironman finisher placing 38th in the world in 1985 with a time of 10 hours 18 minutes and a finisher of the 2,753 mile mountain bike Tour Divide race in 2015. Greg has taught a variety of classes such as Spin, Speed Agility Quickness, Flexband Resistance Training and Core & Functional Training.  Greg has worked with athletes from 8 to 75 years of age and is looking forward to working with all levels of cyclists.