Come join this one of a kind cycling class for the beginner to advanced cyclist. Physically and mentally you'll get tougher...We do things the right way not the easy way. HUP! Harden UP the KMA way.

 KMA (Kick My A...naerobic threshold) is a 10 week progressive program that will have you ready to ride for the 2019 season. All types of cyclists will benefit from this program. We don't limit your challenges we CHALLENGE YOUR LIMITS! Workouts are designed to challenge the strongest of cyclists but adjustments are made for the 1st timer or beginner cyclist. You’ll be working at an intensity that you can handle…no one gets dropped on this group ride! This IS NOT your local gym spin class, pedal to the rhythm type training.  You will learn about nutrition, strength programs, heart rate monitoring, cadence, and mental toughness.  On the bike progressive workouts will consist of power testing, aerobic work, tempo rides, strength building, climbing, interval work, time trialing, power development, anaerobic threshold training  and drills to improve your cadence and pedaling technique.  You will be using an innovative off the bike strength/power and flexibility program using resistance bands from a certified band instructor.

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